Da Vinci Partners LLC is a Swiss-based international intellectual property firm applying expertise in global patent, trademark and copyright law to help the Da Vincis of the World: the individual inventors, startups, and tech companies of all sizes, succeed in the often complex process of developing and launching ingenious solutions to their customers' problems. Da Vinci Partners, partners to global innovators. Request a free cost estimate for any number of our services
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Gone are the days when any local patent firm can provide you with the services you need to compete in the global marketplace. Yes, the game of Intellectual Property has gone global! To win at this often cut-throat game, you need to know how to best protect your intellectual property, not just locally, but in every major World market. Few firms in Europe, very few indeed, can help you more than Da Vinci Partners LLC, an established Swiss-based firm licensed to represent global innovators like you in Europe, the United States, Switzerland, Germany, and, via our GREAT WALL® services, in China as well. Through our long standing network of experienced international associates, we can provide you with the protection you need in any industrialized country in the World! Da Vinci Partners LLC, partner to the Da Vincis of the world. Your partner in innovation!

Our headquarters
A 750 year old former Courthouse and City Hall, in continuous public service from 1407 to 2013. 20 minutes from the Swiss Federal Patent Court. Our new offices since December 2013!
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Da Vinci Partners LLC

In Dr. Walter Maiwald, we have one of the most experienced and successful European patent and trademark attorneys available to meet our client’s needs. Our European team regularly handles direct European patent and trademark filings and related litigation for our clients. We're just outside of Zurich, centrally located near St. Gallen, the seat of the Swiss Federal Patent Court. Consequently, although international intellectual property is our specialty, local work is an important part of our daily practice.

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Being US and international patent attorneys operating through a Swiss-based firm, we're able to represent Swiss and US clients (companies and individuals) without limitation. We can represent essentially any client regardless of their country of domicile before the US and Swiss Patent and Trademark Office, as well as the European Patent Office. Further, using our extensive network of correspondents, we can manage any intellectual property matter anywhere in the world.

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Da Vinci Partners represents clients from start-up ventures to large corporations in a wide range of intellectual property matters involving patent, trademark and copyright procurement, litigation and licensing, as well as computer law, with particular emphasis on software patenting and licensing.

We're competent to help clients procure patent protection in a wide variety of technical fields, including computer software, mechanics, electronics, medical devices chemistry and biotechnologies. To request our Fee Schedule via email, please click here.

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Da Vinci Partners LLC, offering DA VINCI*™ services, for global leaders in innovation.
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