Da Vinci Partners LLC is a Swiss-based international intellectual property firm applying expertise in global patent, trademark and copyright law to help the Da Vincis of the World: the individual inventors, startups, and tech companies of all sizes, succeed in the often complex process of developing and launching ingenious solutions to their customers' problems. Da Vinci Partners, partners to global innovators. Request a free cost estimate for any number of our services
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Copyright Law Protects Your Work

The copyright law provides a relatively straight forward and inexpensive means of deterring others from profiting from the author's work without first obtaining the author or his assignee's permission. In sum, four basic points can be made about copyright protection.

First, most original works of art qualify for copyright protection. Second, copyright protection is automatic from the moment the work is fixed in a tangible form. Third, providing copyright notice on the work eliminates any defense of innocent infringement which an infringer might otherwise have had, thus increasing the amount of monetary compensation the owner may obtain from the infringer, either in settlement or by court action. Lastly, registration of the copyrighted work is not necessary, but it is advantageous. In most cases, registration is a prerequisite to filing suit for copyright infringement.

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