Da Vinci Partners LLC is a Swiss-based international intellectual property firm applying expertise in global patent, trademark and copyright law to help the Da Vincis of the World: the individual inventors, startups, and tech companies of all sizes, succeed in the often complex process of developing and launching ingenious solutions to their customers' problems. Da Vinci Partners, partners to global innovators. Request a free cost estimate for any number of our services
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Frequently Asked Questions

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What services do you offer?
We can file patent, trademark, and design applications for you in the US, Europe and Switzerland, and, through our network of associates around the world, in any other country.

How can you help me in my patent related needs?
We can prepare and file patent, trademark and design applications for you throughout the world. Where you have identified infringement of your rights, we can manage the investigation, ensure your rights protect against the infringement, send cease and desist letters, and work with local counsel to file ceasure orders or infringement suits. We can also help you negotiate a settlement with potential infringers. Most importantly, we can help you develop a product packaging strategy to make enforcement easier and less expensive, as well as an enforcement strategy that should yield the best results for you. Further, there are certain circumstances in which you don't need a design registration to be able to enforce your rights in Europe. Therefore, it may be possible to react against infringers right away, without having to wait for a registration.

What are the first steps in using your services?
We would suggest an engagement letter agreement with your company, send you a power of attorney for signature, and work with you to understand what your problem is. Once we understand the breadth of your problem, and so understand the time and costs that might be incurred in solving your problem, we will send you an advance invoice, asking that you pay this prior to our taking action on your behalf.

What does your firm specialize in?
We are specialists in US Patent, Trademark, and Copyright registrations, including licensing, infringement, invalidity, and enforceability patent opinions involving US patents; European Patent and Trademark applications; in the fields of manufacturing processes, sporting goods, medical devices, software, methods, computer systems, electro-mechanical, electronics, micro-technology, and patent filing strategy.

I need to file a provisional US patent application, what services can you offer?
Filing a US provisional patent application can cost as little as 500 Euros (700 USD), to several thousand. If you already have the text, in any language, professionally prepared by an experienced writer of technical disclosures, then it can cost 500 Euros, to file to reserve your rights in what was adequately described in the application.

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