Da Vinci Partners LLC is a Swiss-based international intellectual property firm applying expertise in global patent, trademark and copyright law to help the Da Vincis of the World: the individual inventors, startups, and tech companies of all sizes, succeed in the often complex process of developing and launching ingenious solutions to their customers' problems. Da Vinci Partners, partners to global innovators. Request a free cost estimate for any number of our services
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Filing a US Provisional Patent

Filing a US provisional can cost as little as 500 Euros (700 USD), to several thousand. If you already have the text, in any language, professionally prepared by a patent attorney or experienced writer of technical disclosures, then it can cost 500 Euros, to file to reserve your rights in what was adequately described in the application. On the other hand, if you don't have much technical disclosure, and we must write essentially from scratch, and it is not clear what your invention is such that we have to go back and forth quite a bit, it will certainly cost 5000 Euros or more.

If the technical disclosure is detailed, but the disclosure is 50 pages long, then this will take time and so cost quite a bit to prepare. If you only provide sketches, and you ask us to prepare formal drawings, then of course this will increase the costs.

Should you be outside the US, there is an advantage of filing patent applications in the US first.

From our experience, typically, preparing and filing a US provisional costs about 3500 Euros, when we receive an adequate technical disclosure in French, German or English and we can prepare and file the application in that language, and a bit less if we can file in a mixture of English and a foreign language. We can also file in another language, for example Italian, with a mix of English, with no problem, to save costs and to reserve your rights quickly. Given your field and your email English, I imagine however that the disclosure will be in English.

Our firm is highly experienced in filing provisional US patents. If you would like to engage our services, we can provide you a firm cost estimate for the intial filing if you send us the disclosure. If you send, you have my assurances that we will keep the contents confidential and will use it only for the purpose of quoating you.

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