Da Vinci Partners LLC is a Swiss-based international intellectual property firm applying expertise in global patent, trademark and copyright law to help the Da Vincis of the World: the individual inventors, startups, and tech companies of all sizes, succeed in the often complex process of developing and launching ingenious solutions to their customers' problems. Da Vinci Partners, partners to global innovators. Request a free cost estimate for any number of our services
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Sun Xiaobo

Da Vinci Partners LLC
  • Acted for Heng Tian Group withdraw Hong Kong H shares
  • Acted for listing company QXDZ acquires assets (RMB0.9 billion).
  • Acted for Oil-Tec in financing project total value at RMB0.57 billion.
  • Acted for Jing Long Tang in M&A and JV (total investment amount was US$17 million) project with Super-Pharm (Israel) Ltd., Super Pharm (China) Ltd. in China.
  • Acted for Condon Entertainment of Australia in financing at RMB50 million and producing Television Series of "The Long March of Chinese Cuisine" by co-operated with China Intercontinental Communication Center.
  • Acted for Shanxi Hui Rui Pharmaceutical Investment Company on investment at 30 million for establishing factory in Shanxi Da Tong.
  • Acted for Cheung Kong Infrastructure Holdings Ltd for arbitration on construction of No. 107 national road in Henan Province.
  • Acted for listing company Shenzhen Fangda Group for litigation on Hebei Hotel construction project.
  • Acted for Hong Kong Senyuan Mining Investment Company Limited for establishing Beijing subsidiary company.
  • Acted for Qinghan Senyuan Mining Investment Company Ltd for litigation on exploitation of Xiao Hong Shan Mountain in Neimengu Province
  • Represented clients from France in legal services on purchase, outdoor & interior design, outdoor & interior construction of Beijing Siheyuan (quadrangle) projects.
  • Represented Shanxi Huirui Pharmaceutical Factory on legal services in respect of producing various documents on outdoor & interior design contracts, outdoor & interior construction contracts as well as supervision contracts.
  • Acted for King Health Pharmaceutical Investment Company on investment totally over 0.5 billion on new pharmaceutical products development.
  • Acted for GNS China for financing USD3.0 million a B2B online procurement marketplace for the Chinese hospitality industry.
  • Acted for Genesis Law Corporation Singapore on issuing legal opinion in respect of Chinese Company Law and related accounting rules.
  • Acted for Yan Tai Ri Xin Investment Company in acquiring a 49% equity stake in the RMB 43million in Yan Tai De Tai investment company. This investment is for a real estate project Li Qun Square in Yan Tai.
  • Acting for an Australian hotel management client (is in progress, keep in confidential) in M&A with a foreign investor. The total investment of the M&A is over RMB 1 billion.
  • Acting for Oil-Tec for its overseas investment project in Mexico and Iraq.
  • Acting for Water Conservancy and Hydroelectric Power Company for overseas investment on Power Plant.
  • Acted for Hong Kong Senyuan Mines Holdings Ltd in establishment of BJ Rep Ofc.
  • Acted for an individual in acquiring a real estate property in Hua Yuan Jiu Du Hui Center at RMB31.537992.
  • Acted for other individuals in acquiring real estate properties in BJ.
  • Acted for Ivory Capital Private Limited on a co-operative project at Wuhan with local company.
  • Acted for many company in reviewing construction contact in respect of hotels, commercial buildings, residences.
  • Acted for other clients in reviewing the joint venture (joint cooperative) contract and ancillary agreements for the past years.
  • Acted as legal consult providing all-round legal supports for small and medium enterprises issuing bonds in private market.
  • Acted as legal consult providing all-round legal supports for potential listed companies in Zhong Guan Cun Science and Technology Park Zone and securities sponsors during the "new third-board market", and providing all-round legal service for enterprise financing and investment in property right transaction markets such as Beijing and Tianjin.
  • Acted as legal consult providing legal assistance for overseas investment for many state-owned enterprises and private enterprises in mining, real estate, infrastructure fields.

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